SoulSpark wants to be part of your team.

We’re a consistent and strong foundation for youth who have constant change in their life. Our team wants to be a part of your team, no matter where your assigned high needs child lives; or runs away too.  

Soul Services
Unique Services for Unique Kids

Therapy techniques and philosophy vary dependent on the goal. You, your team, and your psychiatric provider will discuss the most appropriate, therapeutic, and safest setting. 

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation: This is the where we will meet for the first time. We take turns talking,  listening, ask each other questions and gather information to start making our plan. The Psychiatric Evaluation is where a psychiatric diagnosis will be determined,  we will discuss treatment, prevention and next steps. 
  • Medication Management: After a Psychiatric Evaluation is completed, you will be scheduled for a medication management appointment. Psychotropic medication may be a part of your treatment plan and during these appointments we will check in and  ask questions to determine if any medication changes should be made.  
  • Consistent psychiatric provider: Through telephone or video technology, your psychiatric provider can follow you and check in no matter where you live. The goal is to build a therapeutic relationship, trust, and a safety network to support your different stages of life teamwork.. 

Your treatment plan may include a variety or a combination of techniques and methods commonly used.  


  • Therapy or counseling, can be completing by several types of practitioners including psychologists, social workers, licensed therapists or your psychiatric provider. Therapy assists with managing emotions, changing behaviors, resolve problems, and make positive changes. 
  • Communication is the basic tool used to help build a strong relationship with your therapist and is very important during the process to maintain open and honest feedback from both sides. Psychotherapeutic sessions are a safe space to approach your specific needs, goals, and help assess where progress can be made.  
  • Therapy can be done on the same same day as a medication management appointment. in conjunction to a medication management appointment, or at a different.  
  • Your psychotherapy plan will include goal setting, an approximate number of sessions, and your personal progress will be assessed ongoing. 
  • We will often look for groups specific to your needs and recommend joining specialty programs such as: chemical dependency program, specialized trauma therapists, or  group lead by a dietician to educate on eating disorders, or a survivors advocate led session. 

SoulSpark offers specialty groups and programs to help children achieve greater wholeness and independence, including:

  • Required mental health groups
  • Required substance abuse and chemical dependency groups
  • Trauma therapy
  • LGBTQ+
  • Health and wellness sessions
  • Fostering healthy relationships
  • DBT
  • Prenatal
  • Women’s health

Professional Support for Sex Trafficking Victims

SoulSpark collaborates with the MercyCare Sex Trafficking Coalition. Dr. Davis, DNP is specialized in working with sex trafficking children with the working knowledge and understanding of the complexities of substance abuse, trauma, the psychosocial aspects, mental health diagnosis, medication compliance barrier, lack of patient engagement, and creating a successful treatment plan. 

The Team You Need

Do you have children on your caseload who struggle with engaging in treatment, multiple placements, high hospital utilization, and complicated medication regimens? We want to be a part of your current case management team as that child’s primary psychiatric provider. 

There is a desperate need for a consistent psychiatric provider for children who have a constant change in medication and the skill and time it takes to build rapport and treatment engagement. 

We are specialized in working with children and adolescents assigned to High Needs Case Managers, our passion is to bring consistency and stability to the kids you are assigned to

Psychiatric Support

Complete psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, prescribe medications when indicated, individual counseling, and group sessions.

24 Hour Nurse Triage

Our nurse provides education specific to women’s health and sexual education.

Manage Medications

Maintain records and provide ongoing medication management.

Team Management

If there is a need, we can assist with participation of Child and Family Team meetings.

Navigate Services

Knowledge of AHCCCS Practice Protocols: understand submitting housing packets, and placement hurdles.

Crisis Management

Supporting the implementation of crisis and safety plans as clinically indicated.

Identify Needs

Distinguishing techniques and approaches to identify the child’s/family’s, unmet needs and can differentiate needs from services.

Transition to Adulthood

Assist in transitioning to Adult Services.

SoulSpark’s patient’s caseload is specific to our specialty, we are readily available and we will be a part of your team as a active and engaged partner.  

"She remembered who she was and the game changed"

Lalah Delia

Who We are

SoulSpark’s philosophy begins with an unwavering belief in kids. Each child’s journey towards a happy and fulfilled life is uniquely theirs. We want to help them rise as the whole damn fire when they feel like they’ve lost their spark. We are here to provide guidance, give hope for a bright future, and be their guide through life’s windy road.